What is I/O Spaces ?

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I/O Spaces is an inclusive Coworking space in the Silver Spring, Maryland. We are crafted to show how we make the sharing economy work for our members. Beyond just providing a beautiful space to work from, we encourage our members to make use the diverse skillset within in our coworking community, whether by making use of our in-house design services, mentoring, advisory, sharing industry insights, attending or organizing events, those objectives inspired our core values of :

Inclusion + Innovation + Community + Diversity + Diaspora


Silver Spring is a natural location for I/O Spaces — the community is one of the most welcoming in the United States, now with the most diverse minds. Located in Moco (Montgomery County), Silver Spring’s growth has been incredible over the last few years, both in infrastructure, job creation and innovative businesses. Silver Spring stands right at the midsection of Maryland and District of Columbia, hence a residential hotbed for young professionals as it continues to grow with the new developments announced throughout the city. The Silver Spring ecosystem is comprised of diverse government institutions, hundreds of organizations and startups, major brands, media companies and a supportive Montgomery County.

With the Bus Transit center, Red line, multiple bus routes, and the upcoming Purple line, Silver Spring is one of the area most accessible neighborhoods.