I/O Spaces is Turning Two! 3 Things We’re Doing Next!

It’s been 2 years since Rebecca and I cofounded I/O Spaces, a coworking space for early stage startups ,diverse founders & professionals in Downtown Silver Spring.

We successfully bootstrapped our way through, and I’m proud to say we are home to over 130 Startups, with over 50% led by female founders like Kweli.TV, Reciprocare, and Running Things.

Our work has been featured on CNNForbesBuzzFeedCityLab, The AtlanticBlavityHuffington PostDC Inno etc. We have received recognition from the Montgomery County Executive and Maryland’s Governor for the work do with the African Diaspora Community.

We have sponsored over $20,000 in membership to organizations like, African Diaspora Marketplace III, Miss Africa USA, Tiphub, Black Founders, and recently announced a Creator’s program to reward 6 individuals building diverse communities in the DC region.

So What Is Next ?

Glad. You. Asked!

First, to celebrate our 2nd year anniversary we’re slashing our coworking membership prices by up to 50% (This will clearly not last, so take advantage.)

Secondly, The team has been working on in-person education experiences for on-demand technical skills needed to transition into top industry careers or start a new businesses. Together with passionate instructors, we are announcing I/O LEARN, an innovative approach to learn technology engineered by culture.

Lastly, I planned to party with you, but the way my bank account is set up; you see I have a savings and a checkings… (Don’t get it?)

Thank you again for the support.

Warm regards from Leslie & Rebecca