Event Organizer Checklist

What to Bring:

  • Laptop for audio/visual connection (presentations, slides) to connect with the TV monitor (We provide HDMI cord, DVI & VGA cords only, so please bring a different converter if ours will not work )
  • Flash drives with your content as a backup
  • Check-in preparations
    • Pre-printed guest list for manual check-in, or iPads for electronic check-in
    • Check-in volunteers for twi entrances (Building door and Suite reception)
  • Food, drink & party supplies : ice and compostable/disposable food/drink supplies (cocktail napkins, cocktail plates, flatware)

On Event Day:

  • Arrive promptly for your set-up time (usually 1 hour in advance)
  • Audio/visual check starts at the beginning of your setup time
  • Furniture & catering setup starts next
  • Check-in setup for greeting guests happens last – make sure you have 1-2 staff to welcome guests

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring outside catering?
Yes, however we also work with select caterers if you need assistance.
What is Loadin time & Load out time?
It begins at the start of your booking time, For extended set-up time and take-down time, please add additional time to your event.
Cleaning after the event ?
It is your responsibility to return the room to the same condition you received it in, otherwise you may incur clean-up fee.
What if I need to go overtime?
Any unscheduled overtime due to client/vendors/contractors departing late is subject to additional fees, in half-hour increments (based upon the departure of the last person).
How far in advance should I book?
We highly suggest booking a minimum of 2 weeks before your event.
What is not Included in my booking?
  • Coffee & Soda – If you plan on serving coffee as part of your event, please work this out in advance with your caterer or food/beverage provider. Coffee/tea service for morning meetings can be arranged for an additional fee.
  • Ice or Supplies – We do not have an ice machine or coolers in house; please make your own arrangements for ice. It can be fun to fill one of our deep basin sinks with ice and serve beverages from there in the kitchen; otherwise you may wish to also bring your own coolers.
  • Catering – Please arrange your own food, beverages, and catering-related services. (see list of recommended caterers and food delivery services below).
  • Refrigerator Space – We’ll do our best to accommodate, but cannot promise availability.
  • A/V Technicians – We provide basic A/V equipment listed above in our standard set-up, but we do not provide technicians for the running of A/V throughout the event.
  • Laptop, mp3 player – For presentations on our flatscreen TV, please bring your own laptop (to connect to our TV monitor, we provide HDMI cord & thunderbolt converters only; please bring a different converter if ours will not work with your laptop). It’s easy to plug in most portable electronic devices to our speaker system to have background music as people are circulating; please plan on using your own device with playlist or streaming music service.
  • Guaranteed Access to Elevator
  • Workshop Accessories – If necessary, please bring your own easels, flipcharts, nametags, etc.
  • Coat check – We’ll do our best to accommodate, but cannot promise availability
  • Linens – To order tablecloths and other linens,
What is included in my booking?
Space staff at all times for loadin, access and logistics questions throughout event. These people are familiar with our space and are cannot be replaced by outside volunteers
WIFI. We have great wifi on a “I/O Space Guest” network that you and your event attendees are welcome to use. We have 3 networks in total in the space, and capacity to expand bandwidth even further for hackathons and events that need greater internet usage, all included in your rental.
Use of available chairs and tables in a variety of set-ups
One (1) free consultation session with an experienced Event Manager to help you think through flow and experience of your event.
Promotional/Marketing Assistance (optional): We can create a basic Eventbrite and host your event information and ticketing on our website, as well as promote your event to our I/O members and community via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our Weekly newsletter.
Event parking?
We do not have onsite parking but street parking & public parking garage is free after 6pm Mon-Fri and Free the entire weekend.
Do I need to get liquor license?
According to Montgomery County, A license is required anytime the cost of a ticket includes (1) the price of alcoholic beverage, (2) there is a cash bar, or (3) a donation for attendance at the event is solicited or required… basically, anytime there is a fee associated with an event. A license is not required when alcohol is available but not sold at the event.

The event organizer is responsible for getting all proper licenses. Applications for $30 One Day Special Licence are available from Montgomery County Department of Liqour Control. It is the responsibility of the event organizer to ensure that all guest attendees are over 21 with proper identification.