Community Space Grant

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I/O Spaces is offering discounted meeting and event space to eligible nonprofits, community groups and local associations.The Penthouse space will be made available UP TO 50% off the regular rates from Monday to Friday which accommodates 60 people cocktail style or 30 people theatre style.  

The Loft, 150-person event space will be available UP TO 50% off regular rates Monday to Friday. Availability is on a rolling basis.  If you have additional questions, please email

Eligibility :
  1. Applicants must request at least 30 days, before the event is scheduled.
  2. Your Organisation must be affiliated with a not for profit organization or a local association/group located in the DMV.
  3. Applicants will not use the space for private invite-only events, non core values related activities; performances and joint collaboration events.
  4. I/O Spaces cannot guarantee that the spaces will be able to accommodate requests exactly as submitted.
  1. Applicants cannot transfer hours to other companies or individuals.
  2. Applicants cannot retroactively apply hours to reservations already made with I/O Spaces.
  3. Applicants wishing to reschedule reservation must do so at least 15 days in advance, other bookings policies will apply.
  4. In the event that a Grantee fails to show up for a booking made through the Community Space Grant, the deposit will be forfeited. No rescheduling will be approved.