2017 Was Tough, Do You Have A Different Plan For 2018?

Over the last couple of weeks, I have met and worked with I/O members & DMV-based professionals and entrepreneurs for their final review of 2017.  A good number had set a mile long list of professional goals and business aspirations including raising venture capital, making a career change, getting a salary raise or transitioning from side hustle to a successful business.


Some had attained success, some not, but one thing was clear as we talked, 2017 was a tough year for many.


Did you know listing your goals and creating vision boards aren’t enough to create the kind of impact and the kickstart you’ll need to take your life, career, or business to the next level?

2018 will be here in 17 days, and the closing weeks of 2017 is a perfect window for you to do a 360-degree makeover view of your current plan, design your goals, identify areas that need growth, and then establish a personalized roadmap to align these aspects with your goals in the coming year.


After coaching hundreds of business and nonprofit leaders at organizations like Verizon, Airbnb, American Express, Teach for America, The Foundation Center, and UN Foundation,  I wish I could tell you that goal setting is as natural as writing a big and long list..  But goals and ideas without an action plan are dreams waiting to die…


and I have seen too many incredible goals and innovative ideas go to waste! Planning is KEY.  To achieve your goals, you HAVE TO gain clarity of your vision with a sustainable and consistent life plan for your professional and business goals.


As a “Identity Strategist and Impact Investor” I am 100% committed to supporting you to design a clear life plan to get you on track and ensure that 2018 is your most productive, most happiness-filled, and most successful year to come!


This is why I’ve decided to create a unique end-of-year one day Life Planning Bootcamp this Saturday at I/O Spaces Downtown Silver Spring.


The Bootcamp covers the following and more:

  • A comprehensive review of the various components of your current brand touching on ten key life aspects.
  • Identifying your core assets and skills and a blueprint for your personal brand.
  • Targeting areas that need growth and improvement and establishing a plan for aligning these aspects with your professional and business goals.

At the end you will able to:

  • Build a personal board of directors for your brand.
  • Find your CORE – values, vision, and value proposition.
  • Establish a blueprint for your multiple streams of income and personal brand.
  • Get support from life coaches and mentors to help articulate your vision.
  • Design Life strategy and pitch for securing targeted opportunities in 2018 and going forward.


This is the same design process I use with hundreds of professionals and entrepreneurs I have had the privilege to work with, and since you are part of the I/O Spaces community, I’m excited to coach you and help you integrate this unique method into your own life.


I am able to make only a *few spots* available for the one day Bootcamp this Saturday. You will be blown away by what will happen over the course of one day together!


Are you ready to set yourself up to create impact, secure opportunities and make 2018 your best year ever? Let’s get to work!


Have questions? Please email at gbenga@iospaces.com for more information on of the *few spots offered*.


Regularly priced at just $125/day, I will include a 50% discount available if you want it right away, they will go fast! Make no mistake of procrastinating and getting caught in waiting for the holiday season to end before you plan your 2018.

It’s indeed an honor for me to work with you to support your excellence and personal success in 2018, !


Happy Holidays,


P.S If you prefer, go ahead and read my Huffington Post article on Why Talented People Get Stuck – and What to Do About It.

P.P.S To see which expert coaches will be mentoring you at the one day bootcamp (December 16 at I/O Spaces), check out the lineup here.


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