Community Exchange Fellowship

Attendees at the Startup:Funded Panel Event at I/o Spaces

Attendees at the Startup:Funded Panel Event at I/O Spaces

Launching a coworking space in Silver Spring, Maryland, was probably the best decision we decided to take. Not only because Silver Spring is the fourth most diverse city in America, but also of our wish to inclusive innovation to allow the sharing economy work for its local and diaspora community.

Today, we proud to say over 30 companies call I/O Spaces home.

While there are programs working to lower access barriers, they are limited in their scope and reach and require a high bar for consideration. With increased competition for scarce resources and investors focus on the next “big thing”, expectations of funding for diverse entrepreneurial ventures are low. We at I/O Spaces believe that there needs to be a game-changing effort to foster a culture of innovation from diverse perspectives.

To jump start that game-changing process, we are excited to announce our Community Exchange Fellowship Program

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