How To Reduce Your DC Office Space Expenses

In a recent Techcrunch article, Chamath Palihapitiya of Social Capital and early investor in Facebook said :

“…The minute that a startup starts to spend more than 15 percent of their burn – good money that we invest in them – on rent, a huge red flag goes up…”

That is why coworking has been a growing trend over the last couple of years, it reduces office space real estate and human resource expenses while giving you an unrivaled access to a community of likeminded people.

Joining a coworking space, versus signing a multi year lease will evitably save your company from all kinds of unforseable headaches, like a crazy landlord, monthly growing utilities, cleaning, receptionists, phone service, internet, food, mailing, and yes food again.

Eventhough these are very minimal tasks, they are so recurring and take lots of time & hr to handle. Fortunately coworking spaces by including these concierge services into thier offering, play an enormous role by saving your company money in the process and by offering the same service to other companies within the same space, the economies of scale achieved reduces the unit cost for everyone. Win Win, right ?

When we started I/O Spaces, we built it ground up for startups and freelancers while making a conscious decision to start in the heart of Silver Spring, Maryland. But why not DC ? read the above quote from Chamath again, but being surrounded by so much public parking, the DC parking system is definitely ashamed.


So why focus Startups or Freelancers, versus established corporations who have the funds to pay the bills ? We are actually creating a healthy environment for both, where corps and startups can feel productive together and more importantly because we understand startups, the late nights, the mvps, + our space, our plans, hackathons, workshops, and happy hours are built to make you or your startup feel right at home.


We are looking to add select startups and freelancers to our young community, but because we have been working hard cultivating it and we want to make sure you will feel right at home and vice versa, so unfortunately we cannot accept every applicant.

Can any startups or Freelancer apply ? Short Answer : Yes! from Tech, Healthcare, Edutech, Mobile, Media, Design, Community Oriented…

With us, you have access to :
+Huge shared space
+2 conference rooms
+Private offices available
+Free printing
+Chromecast connected tv
+Conference room phones
+High-speed Internet access
+Mail delivery and package receipt
+Workshops, hackathons, inhouse consulting
+Tea, Starbucks coffee, and so much espresso you will stay up night after night.

We are more than a just beautiful coworking space in a convenient location, and we will love to talk with the amazing startups out there who are doing some amazing things. Reach out below



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