The Basics

What is I/O Creators Program by Joonafrica? ?
I/O Creators by Joonafrica is a cohort-based accelerator program that supports afro-centric creatives by providing continuous programming on business development, deal management, deal flow, skill development, and monetization over a 3 months period. The program is centered on providing brand and business development to creatives in the Afro community. We select 30 Afro-Creators to participate in project based and collaborative work designed to heighten their brand awareness and maximize streams of revenue.
When Does The Program Start ?
The program is scheduled to begin on June 1st and applicants will notified starting May 15th of their selection. 


What is cost of the Program?
The cost varies on the size of your team, it starts $99/mo for 4+ team to $199/mo for a solo team. These program fees includes 24/7 access to the workspace and programming. .
Are scholarships available
Scholarships are available to any creators making less than $15,000 annually.
You must reside in the Washington DC, Maryland, or Virginia and be 18+.
What type of Creators are accepted ?
The Creators will fall under the following different 8 categories:
  • Visual Arts
  • Digital Arts
  • Applied Installations
  • Creative Production
  • Animator/Virtual Reality / CGI
  • Interior Design
  • Makeup Arts
  • Performance Arts.
Where will the program be held? ?
At I/O Spaces, located Downtown Silver Spring 8222 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20910. 

Program Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of going through the I/O Creators b Joonafrica Program is having access to knowledgeable mentors. You will have access to the Joonafrica team, seasoned entrepreneurs, experienced investors, and individuals with considerable expertise in their field to give feedback and offer guidance. We also host numerous talks and fireside chats. Speakers include experts on important topics such as branding, sales, speaking engagements, website development, production, deal management, design, data, fundraising, and more.
Deal Management:
We have in-house business and legal experts that will help you GROW. Whether it’s getting placed in advertisements, locating sponsorships, maximizing your service fees, event-based analytics, SEO, paid ads, or creative growth tactics, we’ll help you get your business where it needs to be. Deals that the Program secures or manages will be subject to a shared revenue reviewable on an opportunity by opportunity basis or our own upcharge will be added to the paying entity. As an example, if the program books you to speak for an engagement at a venue we will bill the venue an up-charge to cover management expenses. We help you also to maximize what you will be paid in the first place and work hard to help you to monetize every aspect of your brand and strategize for the future.
Our program staff are made up of experts with years of experience in fundraising and pitching. You will learn how to run an effective fundraising process, how and when to talk to investors, and how to effectively tell your story.
Online Marketplace
Create a customized product line or merchandise for your brand for sale on We assist you to digitize your designs and creative ideas and place them on printed products for sale. Joonafrica will fulfill orders for your customers while creating an additional stream of revenue for your brand.
Brand and Press
he program will provide Press opportunities for the program and cohort. Members of the Cohort have already served as paid ambassadors at the Davido Coming to America Music Festival and Press Conference, with additional opportunities already in the pipeline. The brand draws an impressive group of people, ranging from influencers, investors, strategic corporates, platform partners, press, and even the occasional celebrity. In addition, we run events and conferences throughout the year that are consistently sold out. All of this means great exposure and visibility for your brand.
Coworking and Event Space
During the Program you will have 24/7 access to work in the I/O Spaces loft along with your cohort. As an innovation space, you bring your ideas to our staff and we help you to build it out. You will also have access to conference rooms to be able to invite your clients and team for important business meetings.
Your membership also includes four hours of free access to our MasterClass Room where we will assist you to develop your own teachable program to other creators in the community. Your class can be free to the public or share a revenue cost of 20% of ticket and vendor sales with the program.
You may also host your own classes and events independently of the program by booking with a member based discounts to rent event space.
As a member, you will also have member based discounts to I/O Spaces and Joonafrica events. .
In-house Production & Marketing
Have access to an inhouse services for video production, photography and printing needs at discounted rate. .

Time Commitment

How long is the program and Do I need to be at the space every day?
The cohort runs 3 months and No,you may access some elements of the program virtually and creators may come and go, balancing the needs of their business and family with maximizing the value of the program.
Can I tour the space?
Absolutely! It is important to know where you’re new office space will be. Book a tour here with an I/O Spaces coordinator.

Payments & Fees

When is my membership fee billed?
Memberships are billed on day you start and every first of the month hereinafter.
How many conference room hours do I get
4 hours per month
Do I need to pay a security deposit?
Yes, you first month fee will be inclusive non-refundable $75 deposit.
How long is the program?
It will go on for 3 months.
How do I make payments?
You provide with a credit/debit card or via check or cash.
What is your refund policy?
Your $75 deposit is non-refundable. However, if you decide that you would like to withdraw after being accepted, you will need to notify us no later than 5 days after acceptance date. If you withdraw and decide that you would like to re-apply, you will pay new membership fees.
What happens the end of program
You may elect to continue your membership at I/O SPACES. Hot Desk 24hr coworking access for graduates of the Cohort is $150/month.


Is there a fee for printing/coffee?
You get unlimited printing and coffee.
Is there free parking around the space?
We have tons of available public parking options, Public Parking is free after 6pm Mon-Thu and Free the entire weekend starting from Friday 6pm
How far is the closest metro?
We are a block away Silver Spring Metro and bus stops minutes away from the building: 70, 79, 16,17, 20 and F4
What are some of your perks?
Welcoming community, Regular events, High end office furniture, Super fast & reliable WiFi, Conference room time, and scanning, Soda Fridge and Happy Hour.