Temporarily closing due to COVID-19.

The sad news, for the first time in 5 years since we launched, we will temporarily close I/O SPACES to help with the COVID-19 spread slowdown.

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Hello !
We got sad news and good news. 
The sad news, for the first time in 5 years since we launched, we will temporarily close I/O SPACES starting today at 5pm and postponing The 50 Years Of African Innovation Exhibit. The Governor’s emergency order closing bars, restaurants, and gyms has been extended to shopping malls and gatherings of over ten people.
Unto the good news.
These are difficult times! But we have been working triple-hard to gather resources to help our local community through this. Check these out:  
  • I do essential work, can I come in? Since we can only host 10 people at all times during this period we will permitspecial access for essential work members, 7 members to request special access, will get continued workspace access,  certain conditions will apply!
  • Need to come get mail/packages/or stuff from the space?Leslie will be checking every day and notifying you of incoming mail. Please sign up for a 15 minute appointment here to schedule pickup. At this time, we are doing one at a time to maintain social distancing. We may expand that based on demand.
  • What about billing? Don’t be worried! We love our members, and we are going to support you in anyway we can to help with your finances.We will not be billing for coworking memberships until we know when we will reopen. The only exception are virtual mail and special access members!
  • However, we still need your help! Without memberships, events rentals, or events, we don’t have much revenue coming in (but the bills are still flowing in . We would be so thankful if you went ahead and bought a few day passes to use when we are allowed to open again or sign up forvirtual mailbox plan. In addition, we are offering a20% discount on future event space rentals if you go ahead and submit an event inquiry.
  Be Safe – Be Home – Be Helpful.
Leslie & Rebecca Cofounders I/O SPACES