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Building a Successful African Enterprise

Building a Successful African Enterprise


Mannie T’Chawi


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Open House Description

The narrative of Africa Rising has been pervasive through most of the 21st Century yet few African owned enterprises have been able to truly rise to prominence. Focusing on the DC-area based community of African owned and/or Africa-focused enterprises, the goal of this course is to provide access to knowledge, resources, and networks that will ensure their success.


Join us at our campus as Mannie T’Chawi gives an overview of our upcoming Building a Successful African Enterprise class.


This class will be a 5-week intensive in project management, sales, marketing, and networking specifically geared towards African enterprises, their markets and consumers.


What To Expect

  • Build/strengthen business development and operations management processes to empower businesses for growth and sustainability.
  • Learn from experts as well as each other’s successes and failures.
  • Cultivate a corp of peer-mentors, collaborators, and potential partners.



  1. Participants will gain and share insights on how African businesses and ecosystems work.
  2. Participants will gain the ability to apply the most appropriate business development and operations management practices for their African business/project.
  3. Participants will also build a network of peer-mentors who can help them grow and hold each other accountable.

Our Main Teachers

Mannie T’Chawi

Co-founder & CEO of LayerCake

Mannie T'Chawi is the co-founder & CEO of LayerCake; a social enterprise that promotes financial inclusivity and security in Tanzania. Mannie believes Africa's undertapped markets and industries lack sufficient and/or allocated resources.

Price : Free

Max Availability : 100

Difficulty : Intermediate

Location : Silver Spring

Typology : Open House


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