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Building Your Idea into a Sales Machine

Building Your Idea into a Sales Machine


Richard Rothstein



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Open House Description

Many Entrepreneurs think that sales begin once you have a perfect product to take to market. They’re wrong. Selling needs to be a consideration from the moment you have your idea. Your very next question should be how will this make money. This course will focus on all the things you need to do when your business is in the pre revenue stage to prepare you to maximize your sales when you start selling. You will leave this seminar knowing what you need to get set up to start making money in your business.


What To Expect

  • Give Entrepreneurs an idea of how to set their companies up from day one to start making money



  • Founders will leave this course with significant forwarding of their knowledge of how to make money at their business. If they decide to pursue a career inside a bigger company, this will help them get further ahead and sell their ideas or open them up to a new career in sales.

Our Main Teachers

Richard Rothstein

CEO at Rothstein Consulting

Richard Rothstein started in retail sales in high school selling mattresses with his father. After college and some more retail experience he made the move to business to business sales at NewsUSA and has been steadily performing above quota ever since. Richard was the youngest and fastest rising vice president in company history.

Price : 500 $

Max Availability : 100

Difficulty : Beginner

Location : Silver Spring

Typology : Open House


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