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Hot Desk
  • 20% OFF
  • A Hot desk gives you
    access to any shared desk
    in the open space.
  •  24/7 Access .
  • Booking Credits
    2 Booking Credits included monthly.
  • Membership Credits
    100 printing credits included monthly.
  • I/O Black Card
    Includes all membership perks, Partner Discounts, Free event
    space every quarter.

 Available through May 31th.   New member signup only.

Have a Team?

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What is the Breather membership ?

The breather is a pay as go membership and does not renew monthly. You will be able to book a hot desk, conference room or private office hourly at will and pay only for the amount of time you booked it for.

Can I cancel my breather at anytime?

Yes! There is no long-term commitment. You are welcome to upgrade, change or cancel your breather membership at anytime.

How do I book rooms?

The best part about I/O Spaces:  Not only are we accessible 24/7 but you to know when a room is available online and can book from any device.

Do my paid booking credits expire?

Absolutely not! Every booking credit you pay for will be available until you use it towards booking a resource. Private Office credits renew monthly.

When does my membership start?

You choose your start date. It will be prorated from that day till the end month and then billed on the first of every month going forward.

Can I bring my own furniture?

Private Office members may bring their office supplies and own furniture. We have supplies for everyone else in the space.

Member Benefits.


Some Companies Based out of I/O Spaces

African Businessk 

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Book a Tour

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