We Are Launching a New Education Learning Experience.

This is our biggest announcement since our launch! I wanted to kick things off by sharing something personal with you. Sometimes around the holiday season, we get into moments of reflecting before the new year.

A few years back, I started my corporate career as an accountant, going on to start my company Appstech, then joining the board of SalesForce Foundation alongside Marc R. Benioff and becoming an Angel Investor.

During those formative years, learning news skills and technologies kept me competitive in order to adapt to an ever changing workforce. By learning from and working alongside the very best, it made me a better coworker, manager, founder, ceo and mentor.

With that in mind, we’ve been hard at work to develop an in-person learning experience for professionals looking to get better at what they do,  change careers, or simply learn something new. We all start from somewhere, why not start from a leverage point of success with a community instructors who have been in your shoes?

With the announcement of I/O Learn in Silver Spring, we are taking a forward thinking approach to education within the Maryland community. You will learn from instructors who work at TEDCO, Amazon, Cisco, Google, the World Bank and more.


Explore a in person class in Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Startup funding or how to mine a Cryptocurrency.

Take a look around, and explore your curiosity. We’re excited about what’s next for you.


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