Mi casa, su casa.

We want to make sure that you get the very best experience when you use our offices and our spaces and that is why we have a referral program in place.

The process for this is very simple. When you want to refer a friend, all you need to do is fill out their contact details below.

When they join, you will get 10% commission every month they remain a member, up to 12 months. After all, we want to make sure that you are rewarded when you refer a friend.



What is the Breather Pass ?

The breather pass is a pay as go membership which does not renew monthly. You purchase passes that are used to book a hot desk, conference room or private office.

Can I cancel my breather at anytime?

Yes! There is no long-term commitment. You are welcome to upgrade, change or cancel your breather membership at anytime.

How do I book rooms?

The best part about I/O Spaces:  Not only are we accessible 24/7 but you know when a room is available online and can book from any device.

Do my paid booking credits expire?

Absolutely not! Every booking credit you pay for will be available until you use it towards booking a resource. Private Office credits renew monthly.

When does my membership start?

You choose your start date. It will be prorated from that date till the end month and then billed on the first of every month going forward.

How is the mailing address formatted?

#Your Name#
8120 Fenton St
#Your Suite Number#
Silver Spring,MD, 20910.