50 Years Of African Innovation In The US Exhibit (Postponed)


Saturday, April 4th (Postponed)
$0 – $65
50 Years Of African Innovation


On April 4th I/O SPACES and The Made in Africa Experience, will be hosting an exhibit to showcase 50 years of innovations and achievements by Africans, Diaspora and African Immigrants in the US!

A select panel of judges will pick the final list from the nominees and each name alongside their achievement and year will be documented and showcased throughout the entire I/O SPACES Building and which will be open for public viewing starting spring 2020!

This exhibit will be first unveiling of the innovation list and Industries include:

  • Technology (Software, AI, ML, Robotics, VR/AR)
  • Healthcare, Health Tech, Wellness
  • Lifestyle (Food & Drink, Gaming, Travel, Fashion, Beauty, Sports)
  • Education/ EdTech, Consumer Tech
  • Government & Public Policy
  • Social Impact, PR, Journalism
  • Community (Investors, Ecosystem builders, Nonprofits)
  • Design, Development, Events, Marketing