How To Hide Bitcoin In Your Art/Music


Thursday November 8th, 7PM-9PM
Anari Sengbe


A poem, song, painting, or even marketing material you created today, could be worth $1,000 in the future, IF you hid $5 in bitcoin in it today.

Think about it, Leonardo Da Vinci would hide messages in his art that took years to decode. You can do the very same.

Why would you do that?

  • Irrefutable proof of ownership (no copyright, no ASCAP needed)
    By hiding bitcoin in your art, you have irrefutable proof that you own the rights to that work. Only you know where they bitcoin is and how to decode it. This means you can identify FAKES of your work.
  • Bitcoins grow in value
    This is because only 21 million bitcoins will ever be released, in addition, Bitcoin solved a HUGE math problem. How can you prevent the copy of a digital item, or how can you prove the fake of a digital item. Something that can’t be faked, can’t be duplicated and has a finite supply, is only going to grow in value. It’s estimated WHEN bitcoin captures 5% of golds market cap, it will be valued at over $50,000 each bitcoin, if it captures 10% of golds market cap, it’s over $100,000 per bitcoin.
    This means any bitcoin you put in your art… WILL GROW IN VALUE, causing your art to have its own intrinsic value outside of speculation.
  • Rent your art, sell the private key
    You painted your latest masterpiece and hid $50 in bitcoin in your work.
    A client buys the art for $200, but you still own the code to the bitcoins in your work.
    10 years from now, your $50 in bitcoin has grown to $5,000, way more than the $200 you sold the artwork for.
    You can now offer to sell the code to the bitcoins in your art.

The knowledge sharer of this event is Anari Sengbe, the creator of the flyer and the SFAC track. Anari Sengbe is the 1st person of African antiquity to create a cryptocurrency called Gamerholic (now OWO), back in 2014.

Anari is a validated futurist, having created products for Mercedes Benz, Mastercard, and even the Clinton campaign.

In this class, you will learn from a blockchain and cryptocurrency expert how to bring added intrinsic value to your art.