Happy Hour

Launch Party: I/O Creators by Joonafrica Accelerator


Friday, May 10th
Happy Hour


You are invited to attend the launch party of I/O Creators By Joonafrica Accelerator.

I/O Creators is a cohort-based accelerator program that supports afro-centric creatives by providing continuous programming on business development, deal management, deal flow, skill development, and monetization over a 3 months period. The program is centered on providing brand, deal and business development to creatives in the Afro-centric community.


The creators will fall under the following different 8 categories:

  1. Visual Arts
  2. Digital Arts
  3. Applied Installations
  4. Creative Production
  5. Animator/Virtual Reality / CGI
  6. Interior Design
  7. Makeup Arts
  8. Performance Arts

ELIBILITY? We will be selecting 30 Afro-Creators to participate in project based and collaborative work designed to heighten their brand awareness and maximize streams of revenue. The program is scheduled to begin on June 1st and applicants will be notified starting May 15th of their selection.

I/O Creators By Joonafrica FAQ