1. Member Hourly Rate – $50/hour, Half Day (6 hrs) – $250, Full Day (12 hrs) $500
  2. Non-Member Hourly Rental Rate – $100/hour, Half Day (6 hrs) – $550, Full Day (12 hrs) – $1000


If you have any questions please talk with a Studio Manager at 301.850.4664 or email
  • Maximum persons on Studio Set — Penthouse Studio A: Up to 5 People, Lagos B: Up to 10 People, Douala Studio: Up to 15 People.
  • ALL Reservations are subject to our Terms of Use and Cancellation Policy.   We do not allow rescheduling.
  • RENTAL TIME starts as reserved, and does not change upon late arrival. All the “setups” and “break downs” for the session should be done within the rented time frame. 
  • Rental time can be extended beyond reserved time only if the studio is available and is not booked by other clients at later time providing enough time for disinfection.  You will be allowed into your room at your Start time and have a clean & reset studio by your End Time.  Running over your Scheduled time may result in a fee and termination of Membership. 
  • Music Videos MUST book in either Penthouse studio or both Lagos and Douala Studios.  Unless prior arrangements have been made with Management.
  • Live Music shoots MUST book in Penthouse or both Lagos and Douala Studios, no exceptions.
  • Anything potentially messy MUST be approved.  Ex. Water, glitter, mud, oil, snow, etc.  Additional cleaning fees may apply.
  • Studio rental may not be used for special events, refer to event rental form for rates.


Members are required to be physically present at the time of the booking. No exceptions.
  1. First-time Clients will be required to receive a short orientation to the studio and the equipment.
  2. No food or beverages are permitted within the studios set with the exception of water. You may utilize the community lounge area for enjoying your refreshments.
  3. Do not stand, run, sit, etc. on the curve of the cyc wall. It is hollow and will not support the weight.
  4. The person who made the reservation is responsible for all damages caused during the rental. These charges are at the discretion of I/O SPACES.  
  5. Clean up fees may be applied if the studio is left in an overly messy state including body paint, glitter, elements, etc. This is at the staff’s discretion.
  6. Props including furniture may be used. Please ask staff for assistance moving furniture onto and off of the cyc wall, if necessary. You are expected to leave the studio as you found it.
  7. Do not enter studio spaces without permission from the staff. I/O SPACES staff may enter any part of the studio at any time.
  8. ANIMALS: Must have written consent from I/O SPACES. All animals must have a handler at all times. The handler must have this as their sole position for the shoot.
  9. MINORS: Persons under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian with them at all times.
  10. Studio furniture and props are available on a first-come first-serve basis.